The Wedding

   Denise spent months in preparation for the perfect wedding day. It had been decided that the wedding would be styled after Camelot. Since dresses in this style are rare and wedding dresses in this style are non-existent, Denise's mother began the arduous task of sewing all the dresses for the women and vests for the men.

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   The church was chosen for its quaint country style. Saint Walburga's is situated on a hilltop amid the Minnesota countryside. Saint Walburga was a German missionary, well known, apparently, where she came from but little known in comparison to other saints.

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   It took several months to find a florist, a photographer and complete the many other preparations and requirements for the wedding. Then finally, the big day came. On September 12th, 1998, at 11:00 am, Dieter and Denise were married.

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   The ceremony was beautiful. It was a traditional Catholic ceremony with Renaissance music. Afterwards they rode to the reception in a horse drawn carriage. the day was perfect. The sky was clear, the sun was bright and the air was warm.

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   the couple and guests sat down to a fabulous dinner catered by Denise's brother, Dave. The day was spent drinking, dancing and spending time with family and friends. Nobody could ask for a more perfect wedding day. The next day we were off again, back to California.

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