The Courtship

   After the Christmas party, Denise and Dieter met as often as they could. They were only able to meet on the weekends since the drive was a long two hours. Believing that Dieter was leaving in February to go back to Germany and they would most likely never see each other again, they enjoyed their short time together in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles. They also spent many hours on the phone.

   Although they both knew from the beginning that the relationship would be short lived, parting was difficult for both of them. Dieter promised to call when he got home every couple of days to ease the sadness of being apart. However, when he got home he felt compelled to call Denise everyday and it wasn't long after that (about a month and a few hundred Deutschmarks in phone bills), that he decided he was in love with her. Denise agreed with great happiness that Dieter could come back to the U.S. and stay with her during his summer holidays.

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